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Hi, guys!! My name is Xandier Milrose. I'm 25 years old and Galena is my best friend! <3 I work in the Hospital wing, so if you ever need anything just come on by, okay? I'd be more than willing to help with whatever you need (just go to Gallie with the psych stuff, since I'm bad at advice and am a bit of a headcase, myself... that and Gallie's the one getting paid for it, so...)

I finally moved all of my things into my room today. I wish I knew why there are no screens on the windows... What if I wanna open my window at night and mosquitoes eat me alive? It's so unfair. Maybe I should bring it up with the headmaster.
... Or just get a mosquito net. Either way - and wait woah what am I supposed to do in the winter? Birck-and-mortar up my window?


Oh well. I'll figure it out when the time comes.

There's this really annoying pink-haired kid in the hospital wing that I wish would go away. I only spent like three hours in the hospital wing and I already hate him. He totally gives gay people a bad name, too, God.

Man. Galena's the only reason I'm even here! If it weren't for her "*barges in to my apartment at five in the morning and pulls my shades open* Xandier get your lazy ass up you bum we're going job hunting" I'd still be in my apartment watching Daytime Tv and eating cold pizza. ... Living a muggle life simply isn't good enough for you, Gallie, is it?
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