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The Final Bow. [Friday
May 11th, 2007 at 8:34pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Well, it looks as if WV is shutting down. I didn't want this, and I stayed in the land of denile for as long as I could. Sakura leaving finally woke me up, since I didn't really have any other choice. She left it in my hands after all, and there's no point in going on when your partner quits.

You know. I've been writing this final note for over an hour now--I think. I've re-written parts and revised parts but...I think this is what needs to happen. WV needs to shut down. I know, that sounds just like the last paragraph-- but before this paragraph I had one asking you all if you wanted it to stay open. I said that I'd keep it open in the event you all wanted to but...

It's time to face the music guys. If we kept WV open it would only fall into more inactivity....droughts... Right now WV is in its very own Dust Bowl. I mean look at it, no one is being active and the story is starting to get shakey. Lets shut it down while it's still good.

So, I want to have a final log. Basically just saying what happend to who. You can either have your character be in it, or just be mentioned--or both. I'm writing up a lot of it as we speak. If you want to be only mentioned please tell me what you'd like me to say. If you don't really care well alright then. If you don't say a word I'll assume you're all leaving your part in my hands.

So, I'm giving you all until Saturday night Monday Afternoon. Night. I want WV shutting down to be like ripping off a bandaid.
A) Claim your part for the final chapter.

I'm so sorry it had to come to this, but I believe it is for the best. I wish there was another way, but I can see that there is clearly not. Thank you to all of you who participated in WV in the time that it was open. You'll all stay in my heart forever. I'll stay friends with each and every one of you if you all like! Lord knows there are some of you on here I simply can't say goodbye to! And the ones who I could (and I don't say that to be rude, but there are some of you I barely got to know! That's crazy--and very regretable...)--Well I'd like to get to know you all a lot more! I sound corny, huh? But it's the truth! So if you'd all like to friend my real lj it's meiko_matsui. Also, I think you all know my IRL sn for AIM. It's Cetranflowergirl.

Expect the final Chapter up HOPEFULLY by Sunday night Sometime Next week. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday of next week. IF you want to be in it I would greatly appreciate it if you were on Saturday night or sometime Sunday. Just because Monday Afternoon is the deadline doesn't mean your part has to be done AFTER THAT. I would like to get most parts done over the weekend....and you know...I would love to get this done BEFORE my birthday. (Which is coming up. WV shutting down wouldn't be a nice birthday gift. XD;;)

Again, thanks to all of you. I had a lot of fun roleplaying with all of you. Who knows, maybe someday we'll all be in another rp or something. XD

Good luck with your future roleplaying, I hope they flourish in the ways WV couldn't. (And I say that sincerely!)

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who's gonna take your place? there ain't nobody better... [Friday
May 11th, 2007 at 4:51pm]

First, I'd like to apologize for the utter deadness of this community.

But I'm leaving.

There isn't much else to say about it. I've been thinking about this for entirely too long, and I honestly have no motivation for this roleplay anymore. I can't see anyone taking over for me, and I'm not exactly closing it - it's Mikayla's call - but I will no longer be participating.

For those who I've made friends with, feel free to IM me and roleplay with me whenever you want. My personal journal name is rikuxsora for those who are interested. To those who don't really care, have a nice life.

I may or may not be recycling satisfied_hope. I did pay for it, after all.

Love always,
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April 14th, 2007 at 6:51pm]

I need more music.

I blame you, you spiky haired running devil.
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{{ Demyx }} [Sunday
April 8th, 2007 at 5:58pm]

[ mood | sick ]

'Kay, so I'm never going to ignore sickness ever again.

Ohh, I can't believe I'm stuck in the hospital wing! Well not at this very second, obviously, but no one has to know that...

I guess I came down with a pretty bad cold, and now I'm all contagious and nasty.


Someone have a heart and bring me some chocolates! It's Easter and I'm all alone!

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Post 014 :: Rufus Shinra [Sunday
April 8th, 2007 at 11:20am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

There are two things in this world of external nature that are enough in even small doses to make me want to blow my own brains out.

One: tax returns.

So, here I am, taking a nice little nap atop of my newly cleaned desk after indulging a little and consuming an inordinate amount of Easter brandy (sorry, my good doctor, but tradition calls) and eating the special order, one-pound, Swiss chocolate rabbit, when a big brown barn out drops a stack of tax return papers on top of my head. The owl (poor thing, I really shouldn't blame it) is now missing a good amount of feather off the tail, and I now am sporting a rather shocking gash under my hair, probably surrounded by a good-sized bruise.

I thought I hired financial people and had that deal with H&R Block for a reason. But no... Hello screaming Howlers shouting "you're fucking fired, you fucking useless bastards!"

Two: the smell of Cuban cigars.

Who the bleeding Hell is smoking Cuban cigars around here? I smell it every time I go past the east shore of the Lake in the late afternoon. Let me tell you: if I catch you, you're going to wish that I was just Snape.


I need to go to Hogsmeade. I used the last of my good ammo on the bird.

Seamus, would you like to come with me?

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[-Marluxia-] [Saturday
March 24th, 2007 at 2:39am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I am NEVER going to be sick again. 

I'll make sure of that.

That hospital wing is pure insanity.  I have been perfectly healthy for the last week.

Thanks to them, I have even more work to catch up on.

I'm so happy to be back in my dorm.

And thus begins the clean up.  Larxene, I'm going to need to speak with you.

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[ Riku ] [Friday
March 23rd, 2007 at 6:58am]

I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.
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005 - Zell [Tuesday
March 20th, 2007 at 7:52pm]

I think I like her a lot... is that weird?. I mean, she likes me too, right? she acts like it. I'm not used to worrying. this is so odd. I should be thinking about food, and sports, or even school! so why can't I?.

The last week or so has been ... I'm not sure how to describe it.
And for the first time in as long as I can remember, I'm just sitting here, and not wanting to get up. It's so... not me.
I haven't even had any chocolate or sugar in the last couple days.
Maybe I'm sick?

Otherwise, I'm loving this weather. The last time I went for a run, I actually started sweating. It's getting so warm out.

Speaking of that run. Afterwards I met this pretty lady and this other guy I think is in Gryffindor.
She was a bitch no very nice, but he seemed totally awesome.

Hey kid! If you read this, we should hang sometime. When I'm feeling more up to it...
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[XANDIER] 01 [Monday
March 19th, 2007 at 10:00pm]

[ mood | sigh ]

Hi, guys!! My name is Xandier Milrose. I'm 25 years old and Galena is my best friend! <3 I work in the Hospital wing, so if you ever need anything just come on by, okay? I'd be more than willing to help with whatever you need (just go to Gallie with the psych stuff, since I'm bad at advice and am a bit of a headcase, myself... that and Gallie's the one getting paid for it, so...)

I finally moved all of my things into my room today. I wish I knew why there are no screens on the windows... What if I wanna open my window at night and mosquitoes eat me alive? It's so unfair. Maybe I should bring it up with the headmaster.
... Or just get a mosquito net. Either way - and wait woah what am I supposed to do in the winter? Birck-and-mortar up my window?


Oh well. I'll figure it out when the time comes.

There's this really annoying pink-haired kid in the hospital wing that I wish would go away. I only spent like three hours in the hospital wing and I already hate him. He totally gives gay people a bad name, too, God.

Man. Galena's the only reason I'm even here! If it weren't for her "*barges in to my apartment at five in the morning and pulls my shades open* Xandier get your lazy ass up you bum we're going job hunting" I'd still be in my apartment watching Daytime Tv and eating cold pizza. ... Living a muggle life simply isn't good enough for you, Gallie, is it?

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:: Tidus :: [Monday
March 19th, 2007 at 6:22am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Whoa-- Seems like drugs are the talk of the school. I guess maybe I'm too old to get it, or something. It just makes no sense. Why in God's name would anyone take drugs, and kids for that matter? I really can't think of a reason, which is obviously why I'm not a counselor like... eh, I can't remember her name right now. Uh. ...

Dumbledore should set up another outing. With everyone being all... you know, freaking and all that jazz, I think everyone needs to just chill.

The Potions thing! Snape, Hojo, I think that's a fabulous idea. Lord knows that I needed something like that when I went here. I applaud you, really. :D

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// Seamus // [Monday
March 19th, 2007 at 6:18am]

yay, i'm really screwed!!

aye, this sucks. more potions homework? neh...

privateCollapse )

who's rikku??
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Post 013 :: Rufus Shinra [Sunday
March 18th, 2007 at 7:44pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Note to self:Collapse )

Note to Seamus:Collapse )

Note to Hojo:Collapse )

In other news, if anyone comes across a large, mutant wolf/panther creature, do drop me a note. It's not dangerous, but I rather like it and would like to domesticate it further.

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-Zexion- Entry 02 [Sunday
March 18th, 2007 at 9:46am]

Well I'm surprised at being assigned to Sora of all the people who came to that tutoring get together. I hope he proves that he doesn't need that much help in something as simple as potion making...

In other news, this mandatory drug test has put some of the students in such a jumpy mood. Even in the Ravenclaw dorms.

But that doesn't matter to me. I have no reason to fear it, no reason to care for it.

And lastly, before I forget, Namine when you aren't busy, I would like to speak with you.
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][ Professor Hojo ][ EDITED ][ [Sunday
March 18th, 2007 at 11:56pm]

I am sure those of you who attended, willingly or otherwise hmhmhm the Extra-Curricular Potions Class will be pleased to know that we have sorted you into your tutoring pairings for the forthcoming monthly period.

Professor Snape and I have, after much deliberation and discussion, sorted each under-performing pupil into a pair with a personal tutor who, I do hope, can help them broaden their knowledge of the splendid skill and passion that is science in potion brewing.

The tutoring pairings are alphabetically as follows:

Chang, Cho will be tutored by Greengrass, Daphne.
Descaynes, Sora will be tutored by Dresdon, Zexion.
Finnigan, Seamus will be tutored by Yukiko, Rikku.
Heartilly, Rinoa will be tutored by Diggory, Cedric.
Loyd, Reno will be tutored by Knightblade, Zack.
Svetlonov, Kadaj will be tutored by Dresdon, Demyx.

Your assignment will be as follows:

Between you, you are to brew a potion and its counterpart. For example, and hmhmhm this is only an example... a love potion, and the cure for it.

Your assignments along with the necessary research you have completed are to be handed in one month from this exact date... and allow me to remind you, hmhm, that Professor Snape and I insist on punctuality when it comes to handing in projects.

I wish you all luck and hope you can use this assingment to experience the sheer pleasure of broadening your scientific knowledge and exploring a world of research and logic! It is truly a pleasure to experience!

We expect your projects in one month. You are free to use the Library for research, along with the Potions dungeons themselves with a teacher present.

~ Professor Hojo
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Dr. Gould [001] [Sunday
March 18th, 2007 at 12:18am]

[ mood | calm ]

Why hello students! My name is Dr.Galena Gould your new Counselor/Psychiatrist ! You may call me Dr.Gould if you're a student, and Galena if you're a fellow teacher! The Headmaster thought it would be wise to get one of these finally. I can't blame him, you guys are all under a lot of stress. I really wish I would have come here earlier, the end of the year is upon us and I barely know any of you. How are you all supposed to come and talk to me when you don't even know who I am? I guess you could say it would be the same way if I had come at the beginning of the year, but at least if I had come then it would have given us all more time to get to know each other, hmm?

So, I suppose I should tell you all what exactly I'm here to do.

Short answer: Help you! Ohhhh I am a lazy womannnn must I write a long obvious answer?

Yes, yes I must. Or I should get Xandier (My secretary and assisstant. <3) to write it. >_> If only I knew where he was.

Long Answer: I'm here to help you out when you're having trouble with school, teachers, grades, friends, etc.. I'm also here to help you find what career is best for you once you graduate, and help you get into the next school or whatever that will help you become that! Also, if you're not a 7th yearer I'll be helping you pick classes for next year.

Now, a little bit about me.

I was born in a muggle family, and was raised in New Jersey in the United States. I went to a wizarding school there along with my older brother Thamyris. We didn't really get into magic as much as everyone else did. We got into band! Yes, that's right I am a total band nerd. So anyone in band here can guarentee I'll be at all of the concerts and such! I might even sit in and play with you guys from time to time!

Now, while my brother really really got into music I didn't. I really didn't get into magic much either (except charms! <3). I was more so into History and Phycology. So I went with that route since I felt it suited me best, and after wizarding school I went to an actual muggle college and earned my PhD.

I started working all over the US, and I guess I became well known? I don't know how else Professor Dumbledore would have heard of me otherwise. O_o But I suppose you could say one job led to another and soon I made my way here!

I know, I guess that's not a lot about me. But I don't think any of you can actually get to know me though a blog entry, ne? You can only get to know be by personally meeting me, so please feel free to approach me at any of the meal times or in the halls. Heck! Pop into my office! It's right by Professor McGonagall's! You really can't miss it!

Ah, and now here is when I get evil.


Did I get your attention?

:) That's right, children. You all thought the teachers didn't know about that lovely Geostigma, right? Ohohohoho! No. Sorry. Wrong. I think I counted about 30 children or more on my way into the school with symptoms of Geostigma wandering the halls. That was just Geostigma too, I noticed a whole lot more than just that drug. I have to say you kids either suck really really badly at covering it up, or you're just not trying. Either way the USA pwns you in hiding it. Which is sad because they're not very good at hiding it at all, just going to show you how much your guys really stink. Litterly. A lot of you need to take baths.

Wow. I sound like a bitch.

Yes, I just said bitch. In my office you're allowed to say anything you like and it will be completely confidential. You can scream the f-bomb seven billion times and you won't get into trouble.

But going on, you guys really dug your own grave and I don't feel sorry much for anyone who gets caught. Now, that isn't to say I won't help those who do get caught. I understand that a lost of you take drugs for a reason. Believe me, I want to help all of you out and try to work on things. So yeah. I really don't feel sorry for those who get caught! Not because I'm a heartless bitch, but because I want to help all of you. There is something terribly wrong inside your hearts if you feel the need to turn to drugs. There are other ways to cope with whatever is troubling you, and that's what I'm here to do. I'm here to help you find and use coping methods.

So, if you'd like to come to me before the drug test/check happens you may. You won't get into trouble for using/having etc if you come to me rather than being forced to by the Headmaster. Now, don't think you can all use this as an escape goat either. Once you come into my office you're committed to weekly sessions and such. I'll be sending passes for you via my owl on certain days during certain classes--or even on the weekends. There's an entire procedure that I can explain for anyone interested. Simply drop me an owl or leave me a 'private' message on my journal or on your own journal. But know I won't be playing any games with you, you have to be serious about coming to me. Like I said, I won't be used as an escape goat to get out of trouble with. You have to want to help yourself before I can help you.

Otherwise here is how the drug test/check is going to work.

On a completely random day teachers and search dogs (you know, the ones that cops use? Yes, these dogs can sniff out even wizarding drugs. They're not normal muggle dogs. Special scented spells don't work against them to hideee it.) will come and check your room for drugs. When they arrive a teacher will lead you down into the hospital where you'll get to pee in a cup! (This is while they search your rooms.) ;D The Mediwitch of the school then pours a special potion inside and if your urine turns a certain color (different color for each drug) it means you've been taking drugs. Duh. If it doesn't turn any color you're clean. NOW don't even THINK of trying to switch urine or having pre-urine ready or anything. Trust me, you won't have time to grab that urine and there won't be any urine around for you to switch with. Now, if you're really crazy and attempt to make urine with a spell we'll know that too. Magic urine has a color too.

That prettty much covers it. I believe there will be an assembly about it or you'll all get owls about it as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Also, please feel free to come with me with any problem even if you're not taking drugs. I know that even the strongest kids who don't take drugs go through hell too. My door is always open to anyone and everyone.

--Dr.Galena Gould

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.... [Tuesday
March 13th, 2007 at 9:59pm]

I'm not happy right now.

<lj-cut text="Private to Yazoo">

Mother likes him better than me. Why?! I don't understand. I've done everything right, I try and I work so hard and...

... I'm not good enough, am I?
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[-Marluxia-] [Sunday
March 11th, 2007 at 11:33pm]
I've never been so bored in my entire life.

These nurses are complete idiots.  No wonder Axel set one on fire.
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Sora 006 [Sunday
March 11th, 2007 at 7:27pm]

I woke up with a bloody nose today. It scared me so badly I screamed and woke my whole dorm. I seriously thought someone or something had attacked me. My sheets and pillows are all bloody. It was the worst bloody nose I've ever gotten, and I didn't even get hurt to get it.

Maybe it was due to stress or that flippin killer furby? I'm so stressed, my body feels like it's falling apart. Sometimes it feels like strings are holding my limbs together, and they're coming undone.

It doesn't help that I've been in a sort of...seclusion. I haven't seen or heard from any of my friends other than Cedric. He's the one person who can't avoid me, hehe.

But uhm...

Private to RikuCollapse )

Private to RoxasCollapse )

Private to HarryCollapse )

You know, there are moments after I admit how afraid I am, and spend time with friends and family and I just...I'll feel this sudden burst of confidence and pride. I feel like I have the courage to look Ansem (I refuse to call him you-know-who or any of that bloody crap.) in the eye and say:

Bring it on.

I wonder if it's normal to feel such drastic mood swings...

Because now I'm back to square one, and I'm letting the cycle repeat itself.

I'm going for a jog. Yes a jog. If anyone cares to join me, I'll be running in circles around the school.

And they say that a hero can save us.
Im not gonna stand here and wait.
I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles.
Watch as we all fly away.

Nickelback -- Hero
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][ Reno ][ [Friday
March 9th, 2007 at 2:17am]

Private.Collapse )

Private to Students.Collapse )
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Hermione 00 [Wednesday
March 7th, 2007 at 6:40pm]

It's been...a really long time hasn't it?

Really, I wanted to be here but for once something more pressing then grades came up (yes, I do care about somethings then grades) and I had to leave Hogwarts immediately to be with my family for the time. Now with that behind me, I can worry about more pressing matters.

I hope I'm not too far behind though, I gathered as much information as I could from my professors before I had to go, though hopefully they aren't passed chapter fifteen in Charms. Professor Flitwick told me that the class would be around chapter nine by the time I would get back, but maybe he was wrong...?

So far I've seen more students here then I remembered from before, most noticeably from Slytherin...Snape doesn't seem present, so I wonder he could be. Harry, how have you been? If you sent me any letters by owl, I didn't receive any.

There's a boy with pink hair, is that even allowed by the School Code? If I remember in Hogwarts, A History it was forbidden. And silver too? What has happened since I've been gone?

Maybe instead of going to the Great Hall, I should just go back to the library and make sure I'm not too far behind. Maybe there I can finish my extra assignments.
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